Diamond Education: The 4 C’s

Carat, Cut, Color, ClarityI am a diamond wholesaler. I supply retail stores across the country with diamonds for their stock and special customers. What I have noticed most is that there is a lack of education regarding diamonds when the consumer is looking to purchase. The blog category will focus on education and diamond knowledge. We will start with the 4 c’s.When it comes to diamonds they are all different and they all get graded and priced according to these 4 topics. When choosing a diamond you must have a price in mind and be willing to compromise on some of these 4 categories in order to fit your budget.First C: Cut: This is the shape of the diamonds. There are many to choose from the most popular are Round diamonds and Princess cut diamonds. Some others to choose from are, Pear Shape, Marquise, Cushion, Emerald Cut, Ascher Cut, Oval cut and others that are not as important.Second C: Carat: This is the size and weight of the diamond. The is one of the biggest factors when it comes to price. The majority of diamonds sold for wedding rings are 3/4 of a carat up to 1 carat. As the carat weight increases the price increases exponentially.Third C: Color: Diamond are made naturally in the ground so they will not all be crystal clear. They are graded by Letters: D being the whitest with least amount of color all the way down to Z which is yellow. The majority of diamonds bought are G or H color because they are white enough with very little hint of yellow that can be hardly seen. This brings the price down instead of trying to get a D, E, or F color.Fourth C: Clarity: Every diamond will have natural inclusions which are bits of carbon that are present from the natural process that diamonds are formed in the ground. Many people want the best clarity where there are no inclusions but prepare to spend a pretty penny for it. When it comes to clarity my suggestion is to not worry about what grade its gets, anywhere from Flawless to I3 which is tons of black in the diamond. I suggest to go by the look of the diamond. If it is eye clean, meaning from about 6 inches away you cannot see any inclusions than that is clean enough for a ring.Go to your local jeweler. Take your time and have a clear budget for your diamond. Look at the diamonds and buy it because it looks great not because it has great grades. Too many people today buy diamonds online without ever seeing it because it graded well. Understand your 4 C’s and the 5th C which is most important is Choose.Brian “BP” Plante

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